UPDATED AFN national callout to Stop the March for England, Brighton April 27th

23 04 2014


Meet 11.30am, bottom of West St, Brighton, Sunday April 27th

With only four days to go until Brighton’s opposition to the far-right nationalist March for England, details are becoming clear. In response to changed information coming from the police, Stop the March for England – the campaign group that has been organising the opposition to the fascist demonstration – has changed the details of the anti-fascist callout.

The fascist march will be held in the same location as last year – along a short stretch of the main seafront road. However, the police have announced they are running the route back to front, i.e. starting from the bottom of West Street heading towards the Palace Pier roundabout and then back again rather than the other way around. They are saying the march will start on Kings Rd just east of West St and stop just short of the roundabout so that it will be able to stay open to traffic. The police have also indicated the march will be starting at 12.30pm and should be over by 1.30pm.

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Capture the flag part 3!

21 04 2014

Following previous victories against the British Golden Dawn and the EDL, we now have a third result in our ongoing game of anti-fascist capture the flag. At the Swansea ‘White Pride’ demonstration on April 5th, plucky members of Bristol Anti-Fascists ran out from the crowd opposing the fascists and seized one of their Celtic cross neo-Nazi flags.



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Victory for anti-fascists in court!

14 04 2014

wmin court

Today was due to be the first day of the trial of the remaining 5 defendents from the June 2013 demonstration against the BNP in Westminster, which successfully stopped the fascists marching on the Cenotaph to exploit the death of Lee Rigby.

There was a solidarity picket outside Westminster magistrates court this morning to support the defendents on trial. However, the case has now been dismissed and thrown out of court in a clear victory for anti-fascists against the police. Despite having months to prepare the case, the prosecution claimed to have no evidence as their key witness was on holiday!

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AFN National Callout: Stop the March for England April 27th

11 04 2014
Last year's March for England

Last year’s March for England

Humiliated in previous years in Brighton, the racist March for England are this year calling on as many EDL splinter groups and outright Nazis as they can to bolster the numbers on their annual parade.

Accordingly the Anti-Fascist Network is urging all anti-fascists to head to Brighton on the 27th April to support the mobilisation to Stop the March for England.

Brighton has become a line in the sand for the far-right. Because Brighton is a relatively liberal cosmopolitan city, they see it as a hotbed of “anti-English activities”. They hate Brighton and they know that Brighton hates them, but they keep coming back because they cannot be seen to back down.

This year’s March for England has the added significance that it is a national outing for the newly formed far-right alliance the United British Patriots, which hopes to be the successor to the EDL on the streets. Now is the time to stand up to them before they have the opportunity to achieve this ambition.

A big show of strength in Brighton will send a clear message to this new alliance of fascists and to the far-right in general that the people of Brighton will never accept a far-right parade to go through their town unopposed.

All anti-fascists should mobilise to support them. All out for the 27th in Brighton!


Meet Sun 27th April, Palace Pier roundabout, Brighton seafront to line the route of the march.

Time TBC nearer the date.

Contact your local AFN group for details of any transport to Brighton.

For information from the streets in advance and on the day:

Twitter: @stopmfe


Web: stopmfe.wordpress.com

Phone: 07870 306788

Email: stopmfe@ymail.com

Swansea “white pride” swan song

7 04 2014

swansea crowd

In Swansea on Saturday extreme right-wing National Front “White Pride” demonstrators numbering about 40 were opposed by a crowd of 100-200 anti-fascists. Swansea for some reason seems to have become the unfortunate venue of choice for this neo-Nazi celebration. Last year the demo was followed by a Blood and Honour gig at the Valley Commandos Motorcycle Club (which drew much larger crowds than the demonstration). This included dressing in Klan uniforms and a mock-lynching of a golliwog, for which Christopher Philips got himself imprisoned.

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Stop NF White Pride Day in Swansea Sat April 5th

2 04 2014


Fascist fail in Sunderland and Peterborough

31 03 2014

Well done to all the diverse anti-fascists, trade unionists and local people who stood up to the EDL in Peterborough and the EDL splinters the Sunderland Defence League and the North East Infidels in Sunderland at the weekend.

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